Blue jar of Artisan Batch HWY 8 Golden Pineapple, with strain name in gold text, lid off jar and bud sticking out. Background image is a rocky cliff with fall coloured maple trees.
Artisan Batch

Getting to Know: HWY 8 Cannabis

The Artisan Batch family is growing once again, and we’re thrilled to introduce HWY 8 Cannabis. Hailing from Dundas, Ontario, HWY 8 Cannabis is a derivative of a family-owned enterprise that’s been operating for decades. For years, Argo Farms was a successful mushroom farming and processing operation with experience cultivating, processing, and packaging mushrooms in accordance with strict Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations. Generations of Agros are part of the HWY 8 Cannabis management team, bringing unique perspectives and skill sets to the industry.

In addition to the Agro family at the helm, HWY 8 Cannabis is led by Rommel Calura, Master Grower, and production manager Ron who has over 45 years-experience in the legacy market. This combination of top-tier growing talents lends itself well to cultivating HWY 8’s exceptional genetic library with over 200 cultivars and 3,000 seeds, which are grown with care for Canadians to enjoy.

“We are excited to bring change to the industry by offering exceptional quality product focusing on high potency strains,” says HWY 8 Cannabis.


Cannabis that is “cured to perfection”

HWY 8 Cannabis grows their plants in a controlled, indoor environment in order to produce a clean, premium product that consumers can trust. Grown in Pro Mix soil, the plants are hang dried in temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled rooms. They’re hand-watered to ensure every plant is given the care and attention it needs to reach its full potential. HWY 8’s team then hand-trims the plants to maintain the integrity of each bud.

“Our method of indoor production produces clean, flavorful, premium cannabis that is cured to perfection,” the company says. “


A unique terpene profile

From HWY 8 Cannabis’ impressive genetic library, they’ll be bringing their Golden Pineapple strain to Artisan Batch. This cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush has a THC potential of 20-26% and has an exceptionally unique terpene profile with over 3% terpenes. Golden Pineapple buds are tight and light green with hints of amber, and are sticky and spongy to the touch. The sweet, fruity taste and smell is led by a terpene profile of farnesene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Golden Pineapple has a smooth burn with a pleasant aftertaste, making it a must-try for of-age consumers across the country.

HWY 8 Cannabis Golden Pineapple will soon be available through Artisan Batch in 3.5 g jars, so be sure to check with your local retailer to see if it will be on shelves near you!


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