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Getting to Know: Purplefarm Genetics

Cannabis is an industry that sticks together. Though people may be competitors, there is a camaraderie that cannot be denied. We all lean on each other as we navigate overwhelming waters. That’s why we started Artisan Batch, which lends our platform to small-batch, local growers across Canada who may not have seen the national stage otherwise.

Purplefarm Genetics may be small, but their reputation goes back to the medical cannabis days. They have experience in the legacy market and bring decades of practical knowledge, mixed with data and technology, which results in a cannabis product they can be extremely proud of—and one that everyone else desires. Based in Johnstown, Ontario, which is less than 80km away from Ottawa, Purplefarm Genetics has a willingness and desire to push the limits and create cannabis products like no other.

According to Mitchell Alswiti, Master Grower and Founder of Purplefarm Genetics, their tightly controlled processes produce cannabis that’s rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids. In fact, they set their own standards when it comes to terpenes. If the product has less than 2.5% terpenes, they won’t cultivate it. Plus, they do their best to make sure their products have unique terpene profiles that don’t currently exist on the market.

“Purplefarm Genetics was built by cultivators,” says Alswiti. “We know that good cannabis is the end result of a labour of love with no shortcuts taken in between. Our company is grower owned, and this means we’re able to make the decisions that a grower would want, at every turn. We sacrifice nothing, and constantly upgrade our best-practices to yield the best flower.”

Through Artisan Batch, Purplefarm Genetics will be bringing their Sour Glue strain to the market. It’s grown indoors in environmentally controlled grow rooms using ProMix HP+ with Mycorrhizae and Californian Luxx HPS lighting. Plus, as a way to ensure maximum plant metabolic rate, Purplefarm Genetics uses a Vapour Pressure Deficit growing model. Heat, humidity, air pressure and CO2 are controlled while the plants are dosed with nutrients on a weekly basis. Each plant is hand harvested and hang dried cold for two weeks. From there, these plants are hand trimmed, then cold-barrel cured and burped daily for 21 days to ensure ideal quality.

“This batch of Sour Glue is a fan favourite,” explains Alswiti. “It has been refined through several years of pheno-hunting, resulting in a dense, trichome rich flower which boasts enormous, forest green bracts. That is, if you can see the bud through the avalanche of trichome crystals.”

Purplefarm Genetics Sour Glue is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Sour Diesel. The large to medium buds are nearly entirely covered in frosty trichomes, with a citrus diesel aroma and a peppery, cedar finish. Sour Glue has 20-26% THC and >3% terpenes, and burns smoothly and evenly.

Sour Glue will be available through Artisan Batch as 3.5 g jars. Availability will depend on individual retailers, so be sure to check in with your local store to see if they’ll be carrying Purplefarm Genetics Sour Glue.

If you want to keep up with Purplefarm Genetics on social media, you can follow them on both Instagram and Twitter.


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