Blue jar of Stinky Greens Organic Sticky Larry with lid open and bud sticking out, Simcoe County waterway in background with pink and purple sunset
Artisan Batch

Getting to Know: Stinky Greens Organic

Artisan Batch has worked with numerous small growers over the last 10 months, giving them a national platform to share their love of cannabis with Canadian consumers. We want to share our voice with small-batch growers who have spent years cultivating their business and turning out some of the best cannabis Canada has to offer. That’s why we’re excited to add Stinky Greens Organic to the Artisan Batch lineup.

Located in the heart of Simcoe County, an agriculturally rich area, Stinky Greens Organic has a state-of-art facility on a 3.5 acre property. They grow their cannabis in an indoor greenhouse, which operates on a closed-loop and is enriched with CO2 so their plants can truly thrive. The entire 1,700 sq.ft building is certified by Health Canada and is kept exceptionally clean.

Founded in 2018, Stinky Greens Organic takes extreme pride in how they grow, making sure each plant gets the attention and care it deserves. Master Grower, Giuseppe “Mr. Frost” Leandro hand trims all the product that comes from their facility is up to their own high standards before it reaches the consumer.

“Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless,” says Mr. Frost.

And quality it is. Every plant is grown in coco soil, which allows for plenty of airflow and water circulation. Stinky Greens Organic uses the sea of green method, which sees plants grown in clusters under lights. This method lets the plants flower sooner and under less stress than other methods. Once the buds are ready to be harvested, they’re hang dried and cold cured for 14 days. They’re dry-trimmed at first, then hand-trimmed by Mr. Frost to make sure all the trichomes stay intact. After all, that’s what makes their buds so sticky.

Sticky Larry

Stinky Greens Organic is providing their exceptional strain, Sticky Larry, to Artisan Batch, giving of-age Canadians the chance to experience what pride-filled, quality cannabis can be like. Stinky Greens Organic Sticky Larry is grown with care, just like all the other strains at their facility. It has a THC range of 20-26%, and a strong, smooth flavour profile led by myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. The indica-dominant strain has green, sticky, frosty buds covered in high-resin trichomes.

Stinky Greens Organic Sticky Larry will be available through Artisan Batch as 3.5 g jars, but only for a limited time! Small batches are what make these growers so spectacular, so once the product is gone you may have missed your chance to experience it! Check with your local retailer to see if Stinky Greens Organic Sticky Larry will be available near you.


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