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What is Craft Cannabis?

The term “craft cannabis” is heard by consumers a lot these days. Some people think it means small batch growing, while others believe it is high potency. But what does it really mean and how does one make that distinction truthfully?

Perhaps the best definition of a craft product is cannabis that has been carefully tended to with hands-on attention, using specific techniques in order to maximize its potential. That means harvested by hand and trimmed and cured by hand. Further, craft cannabis cannot be replicated on a large scale.

Craft cannabis in fact does come in small batches, is organic, and is grown in an environmentally friendly way. It is also cultivated to maximize the yield because there is limited space to grow.

This is all done in order to have the strongest terpenes possible, the highest potency, the best look, and various other attributes that ensure a superior bud and optimal experience.

How Is It Grown?

Sometimes, craft cannabis cultivation requires growers to breed completely new strains and use the best traits of each strain in the new product. Oftentimes it uses ingenuity and unconventional growing techniques like playing music, using filtered water, and eliminating the overuse of machinery designed for high-yield crops. As well, most micro-growers cold-dry, and never use pesticides or plant growth regulators (PGRs).

It’s important to note that all micro-growers are craft cannabis producers but not all craft cannabis comes from micro-growers. A micro-grower is someone who has a license to cultivate up to 200 square meters of cannabis, and usually yields less than 600kg of dried cannabis annually.

Meet the Growers: Artisan Batch

For Indiva‘s Artisan Batch product line we partnered with Vancouver-based BC Craft Supply who have aggregated the best legacy-era talent from Canada’s craft cannabis industry so we could give those incredible cultivators a national platform and share the best in craft across the country.

Over the next while, we will be profiling these incredible cultivators so our customers can understand the unbeatable quality that comes with craft. These growers include Dunn Cannabis, Canandia, Coast Mountain Cannabis, Gnomestar Craft Cannabis, and KRFT Cannabis.

We hope you enjoy getting to know these small-batch and micro cultivators.


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