Do You Have Cannabis Burnout? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Let’s be honest, cannabis can make you tired, especially if you are consuming it throughout the day, which I usually am.

Of course, like most things cannabis related, the intensity of one’s burnout is often a personal experience that ranges from mild to narcoleptic. While personally, I believe that sometimes a good sleep is just what the body is calling for, there are moments when sleeping is just not an option. Here are some ways I fight the burnout.


Vaping concentrates and oil have helped me not to get so tired and sluggish mid-day. While I love flower and will always consume the full plant as I believe that’s the only real way to get all the cannabinoid properties, I feel like using oils has given me more ability to control any potential drowsiness I may get from smoking.

If I dab or vape oil with a pen throughout the day, I find the sleepy sensation that cannabis can bring is drastically reduced. I save the flower for the evening and night and it usually helps ease me into sleep within a few hours.


Cold, warm, room temperature – it doesn’t really matter. Water will help you stay awake and alert for a number of reasons. Even mild dehydration can hurt your body and make you feel tired (fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration) and while there are no studies to suggest that cannabis makes one dehydrated on its own, there are a number of factors that could be contributing to making you a little dehydrated.

Maybe you are more active than normal or are on the brink of illness, or maybe you just forgot to drink enough water – whatever the reason, a couple glasses of H2O will surely have you shrugging off the yawns in no time.

Talking or Not Talking

I am most definitely an extrovert. After being around people or conversing with them, I have more energy. I work alone from home 90% of the time and so most of the time I feel a burnout coming, it is because I haven’t talked to anyone all day. After a call to my mom or a friend I usually have a whole new burst of energy.

Are you an introvert? Perhaps you don’t work alone and are surrounded by people who are draining your energy. Take an hour break from communicating, put your headphones on and ask for some space.

Not sure if you are an intro or an extro? Ask yourself this question: When you get home from a party are you exhausted and ready to hit the hay or are you looking to “wind down” from the social shenanigans? If you find yourself needing to burn off excess energy after a social night, chances are you are an extrovert and vice versa.

Learning the things that give me energy versus the ones that drain me has been an ongoing, lifelong process and trying to facilitate that for myself has been a really huge help in my day to day life. I hope you can take the time to learn who and what gives you energy and find easy ways to use those tools to your advantage.


When I get writer’s block or am feeling groggy from a joint or a vape, I will get up, leave my house or office and go for a brisk walk. And when I say brisk I mean it. Try to get your heart rate up for even just five to ten minutes and that will help a lot.

I got this advice from a friend of mine when I lived in the Big Brother Canada house, and it has helped me for three years since. Not only is this good for beating mid-day fatigue its also great for your general health. Stretching can also be a huge help, getting the blood flowing to different parts of the brain and body. I will bend over letting my head hang down until I feel a little blood flow in my temples and I find that does the trick very quickly.

Sarah Hanlon is a communications and culture grad from the University of Calgary with a minor in Women’s Studies. After completing a semester abroad at the University of New Orleans where she studied the culture of the city and its jazz scene, Sarah moved to Toronto to try to break into the media world, and in 2015, she won Big Brother Canada.

Since then, Sarah has hosted and appeared on a number of Canadian shows and outlets including Slice, Global Morning, ET Canada, and CHCH Hamilton. She currently works as a brand ambassador for Leafly Canada. Sarah lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her dogs Annie and Sally and her partner Scott.