High For The Holidays: Can I Offer Edibles At My Holiday Party?

For some, the holidays are a time of tradition and togetherness. For others, it’s a tinsel-covered hell on Earth. Whatever your perspective, we bet every chocolate in our advent calendar that wreaths aren’t the only green making a cameo this holiday season.

With this being the first holiday season where cannabis is legal in Canada, we thought we’d offer a guide to help navigate etiquette around cannabis during the holidays. That’s why we spoke to etiquette expert Mindy Lockard and founder and CEO of Altitude Products Krista Whitley for a five-part weediquette guide for the season.

To be the host/hostess with the most/mostest, your primary duty is to make sure everybody at your party is well taken care of. If you plan to serve edibles at your party, you’re going to have to be cautious, because edibles can be tricky. It’s also important to note that commercial edibles aren’t yet legal in Canada; edibles made at home for personal use with legally obtained cannabis, however, are fine.

“When it comes to manners, a host or hostess takes the needs and safety of his/her guests as priority number one,” Lockard says. “While it may seem like a fun, festive and even edgy offering at a party, the last thing you want is for a guest to overindulge. Not only is that risky, it’s a liability.”

This article was originally published by Lift & Co.