How to Avoid the Munchies When Using Cannabis

Cannabis is often characterized by certain common experiences that users share, “the munchies” being one of them.

The munchies: that uncontrollable feeling of perceived hunger and appetite people get after consuming cannabis with higher levels of THC.

When one has a bad case of the munchies, they’ll have a desire to eat everything and anything, anywhere, any time, without perceived consequences, until they wake up the next day with a stomach ache.

If you’re a cannabis user, but don’t want to fall victim to the allure of your fridge, corner store, or ice cream parlor while under the influence, here are a few simple suggestions you can follow:

Use After Meals (Not Before)

Sometimes one of the problems of being under the psychoactive effects of cannabis is that your brain neglects to truly hear the signals your body is sending to it.

Don’t use cannabis on an empty stomach. Instead, have a nice meal that will sufficiently fill you up with essential nutrients. Give your body time to digest and allow your mind to embrace that feeling of “full” before you light up so that it doesn’t find itself being tricked into signaling for more food.

Don’t Keep More Food in the House than You Need

Having a full fridge and cupboard is a privilege, but could also be dangerous territory when it comes to an uncontrollable case of the munchies.

Don’t fill your cupboards or fridge with any more food than you actually need to sustain your family’s meals and snacks. If you see a lot of volume of a certain food in your house, it’s easier for you to justify consuming large amounts (who will notice, right?) and make mistakes that you will regret.

Keep your pantry to your essentials, and you’ll automatically create an environment that is free of temptation: you won’t have any boxes of cookies or candies to reach for if they’re simply not there.

Stock Healthy Snacks

If you know you’re powerless against the munchies, take steps to mitigate the damage that choosing the wrong foods can do for you.

High-sugar snacks consumed in high volumes can seriously mess with your blood sugar and cause feelings of depression and anxiety as you come down from the sugar high. Don’t let sugar become your enemy when you’re consuming cannabis.

Instead, switch out your regular go-to munchies for healthier options. Instead of sugary candies, opt for dried fruits that mimic the taste and texture of candy. Instead of buying a king-sized chocolate bar, opt for just one or two mini-bars. Ditch the ice cream for nonfat frozen yogurt, or even better, frozen fruit that has been blended into an ice cream texture. Swap your potato chips for baked vegetable chips or sticks of veggies.

It’s all about making healthier choices.

Hide Your Wallet

One cannabis user recently revealed that when he uses cannabis, he gives his wallet to someone he trusts, or simply puts his debit card and cash in a place where it’s not so easily accessible so that he can’t munch out.

Not allowing yourself access to your monetary resources when under the influence will help curb that temptation to hitch a ride to the local fast-food joint, call the pizza parlour, or walk to the local corner store.

Keep Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated while using cannabis, not only to avoid that sense of dry mouth, but to also allow your body to feel that sense of full so you’re not reaching for your fridge door.

Having water with you will help you deal with that temptation of your idle hands wanting to grab a cheeseburger, and will give you that satisfaction of ingestion.

Keep your hydration to water only – it’s all too easy to drink your calories through high sugar sodas or juices. Your water is your lifeline to staying full, keeping your hands and mouth busy, and helping you flush your body of toxins.

Exercise Beforehand

If you know that snacking is inevitable, prepare yourself for it. Have a workout when you know you’ll be consuming cannabis, and burn some calories beforehand so to be able to “make room” for the munchies.

It’s also important to keep up a healthy fitness routine at all times so that your body can balance all the foods and nutrients that are brought into your system. Remember, if you’re going to do the “crime” (munching out), you have to do the “time” (working out).

Don’t Succumb to the Munchies

Each time you use cannabis, you have a decision as to whether you’ll succumb to the munchies or exercise some self-control. If you know you’re a muncher, use these tips to help you curb your overeating and the potential damage that consuming unhealthy foods can do to your body. Understand your body, and listen to your body’s signals so that you can be sure you’re treating it to only what it needs and deserves.