Waste Not Want Not – How To Reclaim All of Your Concentrates
Guides & Advice - Apr 18, 2019

Waste Not Want Not – How To Reclaim All of Your Concentrates

Although cannabis concentrates have not yet been included in legalization, they are coming soon. These new and fascinating products will no doubt garner interest from both the seasoned cannabis user and amateur alike. Even if you’ve enjoyed cannabis for years, items such as shatter, wax, budder, and a whole host of other products, might still be alien to you. This creates a learning curve on usage and also clean-up.

For the latter, one thing you’ll need to deal with is the left-over concentrate resin that collects inside your smoking or vaping apparatus as you use it. This residue, often referred to as concentrate reclaim, not only clogs up your gear it also still contains valuable THC and terpenes that shouldn’t be wasted.

So what is this reclaim concentrate, how do you get it out of your device, and what can it be used for? Let’s get some answers.

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What is Reclaim?

When you’re vaping concentrates like shatter, budder, waxes or oils, and you begin to see golden globules or some resin floating in the water of your bong, oil rig, or dab rig, that’s the residual material leftover. That is often referred to as ‘reclaim’.

Just as the name suggests you can reuse this residue by reclaiming it.

How to Gather Your Reclaim Concentrate

Since reclaim is oil, which doesn’t mix with water, you’ll find it collecting mostly in the water of your dab rig or coating the surfaces of the vapour path. To get it out of your rig so you can reuse it, there’s a couple of tried-and-true methods that work quite well.

Reclaim Collectors or a Drop Down

The preferred method for collecting reclaim is to plan ahead and equip your rig with a drop-down which is an attachment designed to sit in the vapour path underneath the bowl. It collects most of the residual oil before it gets into the water or adheres to other surfaces of your rig.

Laying claim to it is easy, simply flip the drop down over, apply some low heat and watch the honey-like oil flow out. Make sure you have a silicon pad or non-stick surface (baking sheet) ready to collect the reclaim.

Solvent Reclaim

If you don’t have a drop-down installed on your rig, it’s still quite easy to extract reclaim. Simply pour a solvent like an isopropyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or a specifically designed non-toxic solvent into your rig. Then shake vigorously until the reclaim has loosened and collected inside the solvent. Pour it out into a non-stick container and let it evaporate. It will take a few days for the solvent to fully evaporate, so be patient and you’ll be rewarded with a nice collection of reclaim.

For storing reclaim, we recommend silicon dab containers because they are non-stick, no mess, and provide easy access to your reclaim.

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Uses for Reclaim

Now that you’ve secured your reclaim concentrate, what can you do with it? Depending on personal preference, there are many great ways to utilize concentrate reclaim including dabbing it, eating it and infusing it.

Dabbing Reclaim

The most common way to consume concentrate reclaim is to simply dab it again. Fire up your dab rig and smoke it like you would a fresh concentrate. You’ll feel the effects instantly but don’t expect amazing flavour because most of the terpenes are already gone.

Eating Reclaim

Seeing as reclaim is an oil, it lends itself perfectly to eating it. You can add it directly to any food, let it melt into your coffee, or put it into pills for easy ingesting. Some people even freeze it into little balls and pop them like a vitamin.

Creating Reclaim Infused Edibles

Next to dabbing, making delicious edibles is the most popular way to consume reclaim. Simply add it to your edible as you would any other cannabis oil and that’s it. Reclaim is already decarboxylated, which makes it an easy way to create cannabis-infused edibles.

There are also many other methods for using concentrate reclaim, like smearing some onto the rolling paper of your next joint, so feel free to get creative and experiment.

Should I Really Be Saving My Reclaim?

This is a question best left up to the individual. Some connoisseurs might disagree with saving reclaim, citing poor flavour or harsh smoke, and lean more towards smoking a fresh dab instead. However, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to gather reclaim and it may come in handy on a rainy day. Even though reclaim isn’t the highest grade of cannabis extract, you never know when you’ll run dry and that’s where reclaim can be worth its weight in gold, even for the most discerning cannabis consumer.

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