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Celebrating Year One of Legalization

Over the past 365 days, our industry has grown in leaps and bounds. We’ve seen Canadians from coast-to-coast embrace recreational cannabis and proudly support this burgeoning industry. Today, we want to honour the journey we’ve been on over year one of legalization and celebrate the work of our team and our partners.

Leading up to the first delivery of our pre-rolls to the Ontario Cannabis Store, the climate throughout our London, Ontario-based facility was something akin to tempered excitement. To prepare for our first shipment, we had nearly everyone, including our chief executive officer, on-site working seemingly endless days to ensure we met our shipment deadlines. The feeling of seeing those pre-rolls hit the store shelves and then, to hear such incredible feedback on their quality, has stayed with our team. Indiva is, and will always be, a labour of love for so many cannabis enthusiasts and we continue to carry that passion forward.

Our love for all things cannabis has also created new opportunities for us, specifically in the extraction and manufacturing space. Our recently announced extraction partnerships solidified our intent to diversify our portfolio and today, we are proud to offer a bevvy of services to our fellow licensed producers.

Looking ahead at year two of cannabis legalization, we are excited to finally bring our cannabis-infused products to Canadians. Together, with our many great team members and partners, we are working to normalize cannabis and increase its accessibility for all of-age Canadians. This pursuit remains the most important aspect of our business and a point of pride for everyone who is a part of the Indiva community. We want to thank our team members, investors, partners, fans, friends and followers for joining us on this ride.

Happy Canniversary!

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