Creator of Jelly Belly Releases CBD Jelly Beans
Industry News - Mar 27, 2019

Creator of Jelly Belly Releases CBD Jelly Beans

The inventor of the incredibly popular Jelly Belly jelly beans has released a new jelly bean infused with CBD.

David Klein is a successful Candy innovator who created the iconic Jelly Belly brand in 1976. He sold the brand in 1980 and continued to make candy afterward. His new confection, called Spectrum Jelly Beans, are sold in bulk and come in 38 flavours which include Toasted Marshmallow and a range of sour options.

Each bean has a suggested retail price of $2 US and contains 10mg of CBD. This new product adds to the wide range of candy options available in the ever-expanding North American marijuana sector.

As edibles become legal in Canada, Indiva will have its own list of high-quality products including Bhang Chocolate, infused sugar, and fruit chews as well.

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