Indiva is Completely Lucid Over Cannabis Extraction
In the News - Feb 01, 2019

Indiva is Completely Lucid Over Cannabis Extraction

As Canada prepares for the next wave of legalization, most Canadians that have never tried extracts and edibles are about to be enlightened as they’ve never been before. Products that include vape pens and a veritable buffet of edible products are destined to adorn store shelves in the near future.

“Premium flower will always be enjoyed, but it’s the [most challenging] way to consume,” said Stephen Heimburger, President of Lucid Lab Group in an interview for Indiva. “You [also] have smoke, combustion, it’s the least healthy way, so concentrates and edibles offer solutions to that problem. They also offer the ability to control and measure dosing, and generally, it’s a cleaner product overall.”

Lucid is a self-described technology company that provides solutions across the cannabis industry. The company is overseeing the design and construction of Indiva’s upcoming extraction facility, which will be its hub for all edibles and concentrates manufacturing.

Heimburger also knows, from his experiences in the U.S. market, that the sales potential for concentrates and edibles is staggering. “We’ve seen in Washington State a 30 percent increase in concentrate sales and that was directly taken away from flower sales,” he said.

Lucid Labs doesn’t just create technology for emerging cannabis regions, they also have their own line of premium extracts available in the U.S. market. “We work with equipment manufacturers to modify and improve equipment for the industry, we also work on the consulting side in parallel with that equipment. We round it all out with a consumer brand [that’s] available in Nevada right now, Washington soon, and we’ll be launching in California and Florida sometime in 2019.”

Indiva is excited to partner with Lucid Lab Group on our upcoming extraction facility, which is scheduled for Q2 2019.

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