Indiva News - Aug 17, 2018

The Faces of INDIVA – Jonathan Hiltz

Jonathan Hiltz, Director of Business Development

Born in Toronto, ON, Jonathan Hiltz attended both public school and secondary school in York Region. After secondary school, Jonathan went to Centennial College where he majored in Visual Arts and Painting.

Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Jonathan led an interesting life in the film and tv business. He started his career as an assistant director on tv shows and movies, working with celebrities such as Vince Vaughn, Walter Matthau, and Wesley Snipes (to name a few).

After a few years, Jonathan became a tv producer, eventually starting his own production company with his sister called Hiltz Squared Media. During this time, Jonathan produced shows for A&E, Global, Out TV, and Investigation Discovery Channel.

In 2016, Jonathan decided it was time for a change and was ready for his next life challenge. This would lead to his first position in the cannabis industry – a journalist with the Weedmaps-owned

During his time with Weedmaps, Jonathan reported on Canadian and International legalization. It was on this platform where he would be discovered by INDIVA’s Chief Operations Officer, Koby Smutylo. Jonathan was brought in to work on INDIVA’s blog, posting regular “all-you-need-to-know” cannabis articles.

In his role with INDIVA, Jonathan develops video content, finds influencers, creates product descriptions and acts as the voice of the company. He’s passionate about the cannabis industry and hopes his blogs will help educate people about the benefits of cannabis and break the stigma surrounding it.

Jonathan also handles a number of business development projects for the company, including expansion opportunities, sales, and partnerships.

“What makes me most excited about legal cannabis is its continued normalization in everyday society,” said Jonathan. “Canada’s legalization will lead to the world understanding that it should never have been illegal in the first place.”

Fun fact: Jonathan was once the star of a Mr. Sub commercial that was popular in the 1990’s which paid for his college tuition.

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