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Learn more about cannabis as a medical treatment including it's active compounds, its various uses, different methods of cannabis consumption, and how to register as a medical cannabis user.

01 Educational

Documents for Healthcare Practitioners

The following documents provide information on medical cannabis to healthcare practitioners.

Resource Organizations

The following national and international organizations provide information to clients and healthcare practitioners seeking to learn more about medical cannabis.

02 Responsible

Cannabis is not a Medical Treatment for Everyone

If your doctor has diagnosed you with any of the medical conditions, you may be eligible for Cannabis for medical purposes under the Cannabis Act .

ADD/ADHD Alzheimer’s Anxiety, Arthritis Brain Injury Cancer Chronic Nausea Chronic Pain Crohn’s/Colitis Diabetes
Eating Disorder Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Gastrointestinal Problems Head Injury Hepatitis C HIV/AIDS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Kidney Failure/Dialysis
Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy Parkinson’s Disease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sleep Disorders Spinal Cord Injury/disease
03 Forms


What to do with the documents:

To authorize a patient to acquire medical cannabis from INDIVA, submit the original completed medical document to INDIVA by mail or fax.

By Mail

The original paper version can be sent by mail to 1050 Hargrieve Road, Unit 10, London, ON N6E 1P5. INDIVA can assist with the collection of forms by providing healthcare practitioners with self-addressed pre-paid envelopes to you.

By Fax

INDIVA can accept a medical document by fax only if it is sent directly from the healthcare practitioner's office. The form must be initialed by the healthcare practitioner to indicate that the version received by INDIVA will legally be considered the original copy. Faxes can be sent over our secure fax line at 1- 888-681-5801.

04 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Patients

Is INDIVA Accepting Registrations?

Registration is opening soon. Sign Up

How Do I Register a Patient for Medical Cannabis Treatment?

To register a patient you must submit the original signed copy of the Medical Document. We must also receive a signed copy of the Patient Registration document, filled out by the patient. A patient can place an order to fill a prescription anytime after their documents are verified.

Where Can I Find the Required Forms?

You can download the medical document and patient registration form and find the full details on the medical cannabis forms page.

How Do I Submit Forms?

Doctors can submit forms to INDIVA by mail or secure fax. The original paper form should be sent to INDIVA at 1050 Hargrieve Road, Unit 10, London, ON N6E 1P5. INDIVA can accept a document by secure fax at 1-888-681-5801. Medical Documents sent by fax must be initialed by the healthcare practitioner to indicate that the version received by INDIVA is legally considered the original copy. For detailed information visit our doctor’s forms page.

Is Cannabis A Safe Treatment?

Medical cannabis has been approved by Health Canada as a treatment option for a range of conditions. Studies about adverse effects caused by medical cannabis consumption are ongoing and there is no consensus in the medical community.

Is Medical Cannabis Right for My Patient?

Determining whether medical cannabis is the right treatment option for a patient depends on the patient and the condition being treated. Health Canada’s recommendations about prescribing medical cannabis indicate that a patient should have a history of unsuccessful treatments with other medicines before getting a medical cannabis prescription. Consult our Doctors Resources page for practice tools and resource for prescribing and dosing medical cannabis.

How Do I Prescribe The Right Dose of Medical Cannabis?

Dosing medical cannabis depends on factors such as the patient’s condition, the medicine, and medical history. Each patient is different and may metabolize medical cannabis differently. It is recommended to start with a low dose and increase it incrementally, using the same means of ingestion each time.

What is the Best Way for a Patient to Ingest Medical Cannabis?

Vaporizing is generally recommended as the best way to ingest dried leaf medical cannabis because the patient doesn’t inhale combusted plant matter. Ingesting medical cannabis extracts is another way to control dose while eliminating the harmful effects of inhaling combusted plant matter.

Medical Cannabis Products and Pricing

Is Medical Cannabis an Effective Treatment for A Patient?

The effectiveness of medical cannabis treatment depends on the patient, the condition, and the dose. Studies have shown that medical cannabis can be an effective treatment option for a range of physical and psychological conditions. Visit our Doctors Resources section for more detailed information and links to resources regarding medical cannabis treatment.

What Makes Medical Cannabis an Effective Treatment?

Cannabinoids give cannabis its medical effects. There are hundreds of cannabinoids but the most well understood are Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabinol (CBN). These compounds interact with cannabinoid receptors in the human body called CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are contained in the brain and react to psychoactive cannabinoids like THC. CB2 receptors are contained in the nervous system and lymph nodes and react to the non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. More information about cannabinoids can be found on our Doctors Resources page.

How Is INDIVA Medical Cannabis Different From Illegal Cannabis?

Medical cannabis produced by an LP like INDIVA is grown from genetic material which is pre-approved by Health Canada. During the cultivation process our medical cannabis undergoes stringent quality, consistency, safety, and quality assurance protocols. INDIVA closely follows the regulations Health Canada’s has in place to protect Canadians and regulate the nation’s cannabis supply. As a result INDIVA medical cannabis is more consistent and higher quality than illegally-grown cannabis.

Where is INDIVA Medical Cannabis Produced?

INDIVA medical cannabis is produced at a state-of-the-art indoor production facility located in London, Ontario.

How is INDIVA Medical Cannabis Grown?

INDIVA medical cannabis is grown using Government-approved genetics in a state-of-the-art facility. INDIVA’s master grower follows a process refined over decades of experimentation and experience with cultivation. Our growing procedure combines chemistry, horticulture, and custom engineering to produce optimal results. We follow artisanal growing procedures, recycle our soil, and only use fertilizer to help our plants thrive and provide patients with a safe, consistent medicine.

How Does INDIVA Ensure a Quality Product?

The INDIVA facility, process, and quality assurance protocols have all been approved by Health Canada. Our quality controls are implemented by a seasoned quality assurance specialist with 2 decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Employees who enter cultivation areas are specially trained to follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and wear full-body protective garments issued by INDIVA. All growing rooms and connecting hallways are panelled from floor to ceiling with pharmaceutical-grade plastic or epoxy which is easy to clean.

How Does INDIVA Ensure Consistency Between Doses?

INDIVA sends a sample of each batch of cannabis to an approved third-party testing facility. A batch is not sent to patients until we’ve received confirmation from the laboratory that the potency, quantity of cannabinoids, and terpene profile match the required amounts.

Will My Patient’s Medical Plan Cover Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is sometimes covered by OHIP and private insurance plans. However, most plans don’t cover medical cannabis products.

Ordering & Shipping

How Does A Patient Fill a Medical Cannabis Prescription?

Once a patient’s Medical Document and Patient Registration document are verified the patient can purchase medical cannabis from our online store or by calling our customer care centre at 1.888.649.6686.

Where is the Medical Cannabis Shipped to?

INDIVA can ship an order of medical cannabis to the prescribing doctor’s office or directly to a patient anywhere within Canada. INDIVA must receive a completed consent authorizing us to ship the order to a doctor’s office. Unless otherwise specified, orders are delivered discreetly to the shipping address provided by the patient upon registration.

How Does INDIVA Ship Orders?

INDIVA ships orders across Canada using a secure, discrete courier service. Certain purchases are eligible for free shipping (free shipping cannot be combined with any other offer). Contact a customer care representative to learn more about free shipping.

How Long Does it Take For A Patient to Receive An Order?

By default INDIVA ships by secure, discrete courier shipping. We can provide next-day shipping when possible. INDIVA’s free delivery offer only applies to standard shipping.

Cannabis Extracts

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis extracts are products made with cannabinoids extracted from dried cannabis flowers. Extracts include tinctures, oils, and other products derived from the cannabis plant.

What are Cannabis Extracts Used For?

Cannabis extracts are used to treat the same conditions as dried cannabis flowers. They are a popular alternative for patients who do not wish to smoke or vaporize. Extracts are more concentrated and potent than other cannabis products and therefore doses are smaller. For more information about cannabis extracts consult our doctors resources page.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is an oil infused with cannabinoids extracted from dry cannabis leaves. Cannabis oil has a far more concentrated cannabinoid content and usually has 10 times the potency of an equivalent amount of dry leaf. There are a variety of ways to ingest different types of cannabis oil.

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

Cannabis oil is produced through a solvent extraction process which extracts cannabinoids from dried cannabis flowers. The oil is then treated and refined to improve its quality. It is tested then sent to a patient.

Does INDIVA Offer Cannabis Extracts or Oil?

Although we do not currently offer cannabis extracts we are in the process of expanding production to include a range of medical cannabis extracts.


Where Can I Get More Information About Medical Cannabis and Its Applications as a Medical Treatment?

INDIVA offers a range of resources and practice tools on the doctor’s resources section of our website. These resources include information about cannabinoids, dosing, and how cannabis can be used to treat different conditions. The doctor’s resources page also links to several Canadian organizations dedicated to studying cannabis and advancing its application as a medical treatment.

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