INDIVA’s Unique Cannabis Edibles
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INDIVA’s Unique Cannabis Edibles

We have a unique take and offering of edibles and are going to provide innovative marijuana edibles once Canadian laws allow us to do so.

Cannabis Edibles Tip

Dosing Tips

Edibles are metabolized differently than dried cannabis and oils, so use with caution and start slow. Use the minimum recommended dose of edibles and wait two hours before taking another dose.

Edibles are the most common cause of excessive dosing because they take longer to set in. Excessive dosing can cause discomfort but is not life-threatening.

Experiment with different edibles to find out which is best for you. Remember to always start with small doses and record the effects of each dose.

Cannabis, either CBD or THC strains, can be used to make various baked goods, drinks, or salad dressings. We’ve partnered with luxury chocolate and food manufacturers, Bhang Corporation and DeepCell Industries, to be the exclusive provider of their products with our cannabis.

Bhang Corporation is a leader in the cannabis industry, the Bhang team produces the most-awarded line of cannabis chocolate bars on the planet, as well as a premium collection of vapes, gums and mouth sprays.

DeepCell is the pioneer of the Crystal Fusion™ process and the Ruby Cannabis Sugar™ product line. The product line consists of infused sugar and salt crystals, pancake and drinks mixes, candies, topicals, prebiotic supplements and isolates. The products are infused with THC, CBD, or a combination of both ingredients.

We will sell both Bhang and DeepCell products once Canadian laws liberalize and allow for cannabis edibles to be sold.

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