Our Roots Go Deep

We’re a licensed producer (LP) of medical cannabis with an adventurous past, diverse company culture, and a commitment to sustainability which is steering Canadian cannabis in new directions.

01 About

INDIVA is a Canadian Supplier of High Quality, Medical Grade Cannabis

Medical Grade Cannabis

Our strain selection, cultivation and client care processes combine the know-how and experience of an internationally recognized and award winning grow-team with GMP-compliant quality assurance standard operating procedures.

INDIVA is focused on providing medical-grade cannabis to medical and adult-use clients, both domestically and internationally.

02 Our

Our Beliefs

We believe our clients are our top priority. Our clients deserve high quality, consistent and safe cannabis products delivered by knowledgeable, compassionate and easily accessible client care professionals.

We believe in eating well, exercising, having fun, being kind, doing good, and using cannabis responsibly to contribute to a healthy and happy life.

With cannabis prohibition ending in Canada, we believe it is time to explore and discover more about this wondrous plant.

We also believe in environmental sustainability. We recycle wherever we can - from the heat generated by our grow lights to the paper products we use in our offices. We compost our plant waste products into fertilizer which is donated to local farmers. These and other environmental sustainability initiatives, including our tree planting program, are led by our very own Green Team – a group of our employees that have designated themselves as guardians of the environment.

Our home is in London, Ontario. We believe in being a good neighbor, contributing to the London community by purchasing from local businesses, working with local area charities, supporting local chapters of patient group societies and foundations and collaborating with local hospitals, doctors and other health professionals.

03 Process

Our Process

Our state-of-the-art, bio-secure cannabis cultivation facility is designed specifically to produce quality medical cannabis. Here’s how:

  • The construction ensures precise environmental control, physical and genetic security, a pest- and contaminant-free environment, and quality assurance.
  • The facility is regularly inspected and remains in compliance with regulations set out in the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) and all other relevant regulations.
  • All growing rooms and connecting hallways are built with pharmaceutical-grade epoxy floors and plastic wall and ceiling paneling for easy cleaning, thereby ensuring a pristine growing environment.
  • Only specially-trained employees wearing full-body sanitary protective equipment are permitted to enter bio-secure areas. Coupled with preventative maintenance and thorough facility and equipment sanitation programs, these measures enable us to maintain ideal growing conditions at all times.
  • Our state-of-the-art HVAC system precisely controls humidity and atmospheric conditions to keep plants healthy and free of mold or bacteria. Temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels are constantly monitored to maintain optimal growing conditions.
  • We use a cultivation and testing procedure with over 100 quality control points.

The quality and consistency of our medical cannabis begins with the right genetics.

Genetics and Starting Materials

We choose starting materials based on their quality, consistency, and cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The mother plants, or “mothers,” are carefully checked and tested by the master grower when they arrive.

Only the best starting material is accepted into the facility.

The mothers are diligently monitored to ensure they are thriving so every batch of cannabis we grow is our best.


Every batch, or “lot,” starts out as a cutting taken from one of our mothers. We trim off healthy stems then place them in sustainably-sourced rockwool.

These samplings stay in room of their own, thriving under light from T5 grow lights 24 hours a day.

Of all the clones only the strongest are taken to the Vegetative Room where they are regularly pruned and trimmed for optimal growth.


The plants are transplanted into larger containers and brought to the Flowering Room where they are carefully aerated, watered, and fed on a precise schedule.

Plants in the Flowering Room get 12 hours of 1000-watt high-pressure sodium light each day. We use a specially-designed lighting fixture to naturally encourage the plant to produce more budding sites over a larger growth area.

Each plant’s trichomes are individually examined to ensure it is harvested at the optimal time. When we’ve confirmed the plant is ready to harvest we flush the soil with water. This lets the plant know it’s time to use up all the nutrients it has stored. The soil is then recycled as flowers are harvested and taken to the trim room. We turn unwanted plant matter into compost which then safely returns to the ecosystem as compost for local farms.

Trimming & Drying

The buds are separated from the stalk and leaves with an automatic trimmer, or for special batches, trimmed by hand.

The cannabis is then placed in a drying chamber where we use custom-made drying plenums to wick the moisture out of the buds, ensuring even humidity throughout.

The plenums send a gentle breeze of fresh air over the cannabis, drying it gradually and consistently to retain potency and flavour. The cannabis is sweated to achieve even moisture distribution and is analyzed at a minimum of 6 different locations throughout the process.

Sampling & Testing

A random sample is taken from each batch of cannabis and tested at a third-party laboratory.


We don’t use a batch to fill orders until we’ve received confirmation of the sample’s contents.

We also hold on to a small amount from each batch and keep it for over a year in case further testing is required.


Once the test sample is sent off, the rest of a batch is packed into air-tight containers. These containers are put into a quarantine while they cure, bringing out the plant’s natural aromatic qualities.

Once our Quality Assurance expert checks off on a batch and we’ve received results from the laboratory, the cannabis is ready for packaging.

It’s placed in an airtight, watertight childproof container and preserved until it reaches its destination by trusted, discrete courier service.

INDIVA’s Master Grower and Founder, Pete Young, has long grown medical marijuana for Canada’s underground compassion movement. Pete first grew cannabis on the roof of a friend’s apartment building when he was fifteen years old. A fascination with marijuana cultivation quickly followed, with Pete mastering the specifics of HID lighting, hydroponics, water polymers, genetics, organic fertilization, soil mix, outdoor growing and seed generation. In the late-1980s, Pete took part in one of the first constitutional challenges to Canada’s drug laws following a police raid on the Great Canadian Hemporium, a head shop in London, Ontario. Around this time, he befriended a young man whose severe cystic fibrosis was aided by one thing and one thing only – marijuana consumption. Pete started growing marijuana for medical users, and over the next thirty years became one of the biggest producers and distributors of illicit medical marijuana in Canada and a regular winner at the international Cannabis Cups. He has been involved in the legal medical cannabis movement since the inception of the MMAR over 15 years ago. He is also the Founder of the London Compassion Society, which has helped hundreds of patients through the MMAR over the last 15+ years.

04 Our

Our Client Care

We pride ourselves on our strain selection and cultivating cannabis but we’re also passionate about putting our clients first. We offer our registered clients:

Our Experience

We've been helping Canadians gain access to medical cannabis for a long time and we're bringing that experience and knowledge to better serve you.

Our Focus

We perform our client care with you, not to you. We work to establish relationships with you and your physician to ensure you have the education and resources to make the best decision.

Our values

Our client care isn't an extra perk, it's an essential part of our business. We offer easy online registration, fast shipping anywhere in Canada, compassionate pricing and 24/7 support from our client care specialists.

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