Our Commitment

Twenty cents from every gram of Indiva flower and oil product will go towards supporting mental and physical health initiatives and organizations in Canada. When you buy Indiva, you help those in need.

Our Roots Run Deep

Our Roots Run Deep

Our journey began in the 1980s growing cannabis, delivering it by bicycle and using the revenue derived from recreational user sales to subsidize the product we supplied to medical users. From that humble beginning, we have grown into a coast-to-coast licensed supplier of craft cannabis products – everything from pre-rolled cannabis to cannabis infused sugar.

And, true to our roots, a portion of the sales revenue from each product purchase is used to improve lives and communities.

Our Roots Run Deep

Who You’re Helping

We’ve been working to help others in London, Ontario for years. Now, in our effort to help communities across the country, we’re in the process of finding even more organizations to support. From helping first responders and veterans, to chronic illness support organizations, and other community initiatives, we’ll be giving back to those in need. Stay tuned for more partner announcements and stories.

How We Give

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