Social Media Policy

We strive to provide the INDIVA social media community with the best possible experience and therefore ask that all members of the community conduct themselves in accordance with the INDIVA regulations which are intended to create a constructive, safe environment for all community members.

We post and manage our social media accounts and do our best to respond to all users in a timely manner. If your request is urgent or you have issues or concerns we encourage you to call us. In case of emergency contact emergency services.

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Social Media Channels Guidelines

Please respect INDIVA’s posting policies currently in place on INDIVA Social Media channels which can be viewed at the following links:

INDIVA does not arbitrarily remove posts or content posted on our social media channels. However, INDIVA may remove or moderate any content, posts, and/or user which INDIVA deems to be in violation of any applicable laws, regulations, or policies, including our Advertising Compliance Policy (see below) or General Posting Policy.

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General Posting Policy

  • Please be respectful of others. Please don’t participate in any behaviour which could reasonably be construed as libel, defamation, harassment, profanity, trolling, or abuse in any post on any INDIVA social media channel. INDIVA has the right to remove posts or access from anyone who does not comply.
  • Don’t post indecent or inappropriate content.
  • Personal attacks against other members or INDIVA employees will not be tolerated. Our top priority is to serve our clients and we reserve the right to remove users who are acting in a way which may adversely affect other INDIVA members on any of our social media channels.
  • Please refrain from making off topic posts. We won’t tolerate spam, chain posts, promotional content, or objectionable statements.
  • If you share content please be sure you have the right to do so.
  • In order to participate in INDIVA social media communities you must be above the age of majority in the province or territory where you reside. You may only access our social media if you are below the age of majority if you have permission from a parent or guardian.
  • Don’t break the law on INDIVA social media channels.

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Policy on Advertising Compliance

It is important to us at INDIVA the our website users’ experiences should be heard because we value their insights. However, INDIVA operates in a regulated environment. Due to this fact we have to moderate comments and remove any which do not comply with Health Canada’s advertising regulations. Content which is non-compliant can include but is not limited to:

  1. The therapeutic effects of cannabis.
  2. Images of medical cannabis process, live cannabis plants, or the flavour profile of cannabis.
  3. Endorsement or suggested endorsement by Health Canada.
  4. Direct linking to any content on other websites which contains non-compliant content (as indicated above).

Should you, at any time, feel as though your content or post has been unfairly removed or moderated please contact INDIVA by phone at 1-888-649 6686 or by email at [email protected] to
discuss the matter.

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INDIVA Social Media Disclaimer
The comments posted by accounts other than INDIVA’s Administrator Account on any INDIVA social media channel are posted by members of the public and do not represent or reflect the views of INDIVA or imply or otherwise indicate INDIVA’s endorsement or approval of the content posted. INDIVA is not responsible for any third-party content which is posted by the public on any of INDIVA’s social media channels, including, but not limited to videos, websites, forums, or any other third-party content. Unless otherwise specified, INDIVA does not control, endorse, or support any third-party content and does not make any representations regarding its accuracy.

Content posted by INDIVA on the INDIVA Website and social media channels is intended strictly for information purposes and is not medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.
Never treat INDIVA’s content or posts as a substitute for consulting your doctor.

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