Pearls by grön

Sugar-coated Pearls by grön are soft, bouncy orbs of pure fruit-flavoured bliss. Available in a variety of cannabinoid ratios with CBD, CBG, CBN, & THC.

grön Pips

Decadent chocolate covered in a colourful candy coating and infused with cannabis extract, grön Pips are the perfect bite-sized edible for anyone looking for a sweet candy crunch. With 5 Pips per bag, your first bite doesn’t have to be your last.

Dime™ Industries

Founded in Southern California in 2016, Dime™ Industries is a leading cannabis brand with superior hardware, potent concentrates, and delicious cannabis flavour profiles. All Dime™ products have been vigorously lab tested and vetted by cannabis connoisseurs, ensuring everyone has the ultimate “think higher” experience.

Wana™ Sour Gummies

Wana™ is an award-winning cannabis brand in the United States that, through an exclusive partnership with Indiva, has made its way to Canada. Wana prides itself on consistency, quality, and cannabis-free taste. Wana Sour Gummies and Wana Quick Gummies are handcrafted using a pectin-based recipe that is enhanced with a blend of over 30 terpenes and are available in a variety of classes and ratios.

Bhang® Chocolate

Bhang® Chocolate is made for cannabis lovers who also happen to love chocolate. All Bhang® products start with premium cacao and the recipe of a master chocolatier. Unlike competitors, Bhang® tastes like chocolate—not cannabis. The award-winning brand from the United States is available in Canada exclusively through Indiva.

Jewels Cannabis Tarts

Clear your head, not your schedule with Jewels Cannabis Tarts. At 1 mg THC per tart and 10 tarts per pack, Jewels Cannabis Tarts are a little dose of cannabis for big days. With Jewels, you can incorporate cannabis into your routine and still be present for the little things. Jewels Cannabis Tarts are made with real fruit and are vegan and gluten-free.

Artisan Batch

Artisan Batch is all about giving local growers a national platform. The country’s best craft cannabis and microgrowers are featured in a rotating series of unique strains, all of which have exceptional genetics.


INDIVATM is the number one producer and distributor of cannabis infused edibles in Canada. Based in London, Ontario, Indiva produces only the highest quality cannabis products, presenting Canadians with options for edibles, capsules, vapes, whole flower, and pre-rolls. Indiva’s portfolio of brands includes: Pearls, Pips, Dime, Wana, Bhang, Jewels, Artisan Batch and Indiva.

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