What Is Hash and How Is It Made?
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What Is Hash and How Is It Made?

If you’re not exactly sure what hash is, you’re not alone. Many people know that it comes from cannabis, but that’s as far as their education goes on the matter.

Hash is a concentrate that is made from trichomes, which are the resinous glands on the cannabis plant. Trichomes are loaded with cannabinoids, including lots of THC, so they generally pack a punch.

Hash first made an appearance in the Western world at the beginning of the 19th century as a result of European explorers coming back from Africa. European doctors started importing and using it in medications. It was used medically until the early 20th century until the US prohibition on cannabis, where it was then banned. Now with Canada’s legalization of cannabis, hash is making a comeback along with many updated ways to extract and manufacture it.


Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is an extraction method that uses ice-water to freeze the trichomes to the point where they break off the plant matter. The trichomes then collect at the bottom of a sieve.

A good bubble hash is usually rated by how much it bubbles when you consume it. Full melt bubble hash is considered the best, leaving behind a white ash and can bubble away until completely evaporated.


Dry-Sift Hash

This next hash is as it sounds. Manufacturers sift dried buds and shake through fine mesh screens. The friction gently separates the trichomes away from the rest of the plant matter making a substance known as kief. It is then pressed into a block and ready to consume.


Hand-Rolled Live Resin Hash

This particular method won’t be found by consumers in the legal Canadian market mainly because of the amount of time and detail it takes to create hand-rolled hash. But in places like India and Nepal, one can find it.

Hand-rolled live resin hash is made by rubbing fresh cannabis buds and leaves between your hands for hours at a time. This eventually creates a thick, dark resin that has a creamy texture to it.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of how it’s made, hash is one of those unique products that comes from cannabis, but certainly offers a different and unique experience when consumed. The effects are generally felt throughout the body.

If you are interested in consuming different products on your cannabis journey, remember to start low and go slow. Always wait to feel the effects before consuming more. For a general guideline on safe cannabis use, please refer to: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-medication/cannabis/laws-regulations/regulations-support-cannabis-act/consumer-information.html


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