Cannabis and Working Out: Is There a Connection?
Consuming Cannabis - Jul 16, 2019

Cannabis and Working Out: Is There a Connection?

We know cannabis is usually associated with binge-watching and eating snacks, but is there a connection between cannabis and working out? New cannabis products have hit the market, making consuming cannabis easier and more discreet. So do people really find that consuming cannabis help with working out? It depends on who you talk to. While we can’t endorse cannabis and working out, a recent study conducted by the University of Colorado, Boulder, found that 80% of people who use cannabis often mix it with exercise.

Why could it be beneficial?

When you think about it, cannabis and working out sort of go hand in hand. Sort of. An indica strain may not be much help, but a sativa strain may cause you to experience a “get up and go” attitude. For someone who needs a bit of motivation to get moving, this could be beneficial. That being said, it’s still too early to make a conclusive judgment on cannabis’s efficacy as a workout supplement. We need more research to be conducted into how effective THC and CBD are in terms of boosting energy, promoting workout gains, or helping with muscle recovery.

Even just in terms of a reward system, cannabis could be used to help get you moving. Maybe you have an edible at home that you’re waiting to try, but you also want to go to the gym. Some people may find that reward of an edible after a workout enough of a motivator to get their workout done. Some people also say that consuming cannabis before doing a more peaceful exercise regime, like yoga, can help keep your mind clear and be more present during the activity. Again, there is little-to-no scientific evidence to back this up.

Could topicals be the link between cannabis and working out?

Perhaps the most interesting link between cannabis and working out is the addition of topicals to the cannabis market. Currently, there are cannabis topicals available that are designed for application near muscles and joints. There are also products that contain eucalyptus, which is known to help relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation. It’s possible that these products could help with recovery after working out, although those claims have yet to be authenticated.

What are the risks?

As with any cannabis consumption, there are potential risks when combining cannabis and working out. You never know how cannabis is going to affect your body, so adding in physical activity could be a bit of a risk. This is especially true if your activity takes place outdoors. The other thing to keep in mind is that consuming cannabis, especially products high in THC, can cause drowsiness, anxiety, and an impaired ability to remember, concentrate, or react quickly. None of those sound particularly ideal for working out.

Do NOT consume cannabis before working out if you need to travel to your destination. Driving high is illegal, dangerous, and not worth it.

At the end of the day, more research needs to be done surrounding cannabis and working out, specifically any risks or benefits the combination may pose. As cannabis starts to integrate into our everyday lives more and more, we’re likely to see some definitive evidence one way or another.

*NOTE: This information is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice. Cannabis affects every person differently and there is no scientific evidence to support a link between cannabis consumption and working out.

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