Cannabis and Working Out: Is There a Connection?
Consuming Cannabis - Jul 16, 2019

Cannabis and Working Out: Is There a Connection?

Cannabis has typically been stereotyped as a lazy drug, whose users tend to vegetate on a couch and not be very physically active. Not only is that untrue (some of the time), there are individuals out there who use cannabis as a way to augment their workouts.

While we can’t endorse doing this, we can tell you that a recent study conducted by the University of Colorado, Boulder, found that 80% of people who use cannabis often mix it with exercise.

Is cannabis and exercise beneficial?

There’s a lot of precedent for mixing cannabis and working out, although it has traditionally been more common in alternative sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, weightlifting, and the like.

It’s still too early to make a conclusive judgment on cannabis’s efficacy as a workout supplement, and we need more research to be conducted into how effective THC and CBD are in terms of boosting energy, promoting workout gains, or helping with muscle recovery. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped many people from using cannabis to train and those who do will speak to the apparent benefits of cannabis and exercise. For example, helping people get motivated when it’s time to hit the gym.

Cannabis before or after a workout can be something to look forward to and might help you power through a routine or get moving more often. Cannabis has also been touted as helping to elevate exercise options like yoga to another level.

Something to make note of though, is that for exercise options like weightlifting, it might be a good idea to plan out your routine before you get stoned, so you’re not overwhelmed with all the “exercise options” when you get into the gym. Also, it’s important to know when you are too impaired to properly workout, as being blitzed will most certainly increase your chances of injury.

If I am going to exercise using cannabis, what consumption method is best?

As you know, there are a whole bunch of ways to consume cannabis – from joints to vapes to edibles and more. If your goal is to consume cannabis solely for the purpose of working out, then it’s easier to narrow down the choices.

An important aspect of exercise is your oxygen uptake, which means that smoking a joint or taking a big bong rip might not be the ideal pre-exercise consumption method, so consider foregoing anything to do with smoking before exercising.

Something like cannabis oil could work as an alternative as it won’t impact your lungs, but keep in mind that it does take some time to kick in. That’s why for a pre-workout high, vaporizing or using a sublingual like an extract, tincture, or oral spray might be more effective.

As with all things cannabis, remember to start low and go slow.

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