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Dosing Edibles Safely and Effectively

Edibles are fairly popular in terms of cannabis consumption, mainly because of their ease and discreetness. However, dosing edibles has always been a bit confusing, especially before legalization. Whether you made them yourself or were given them from a friend, dosing edibles is the root of most peoples’ bad experience with cannabis. 

However, now that cannabis edibles are available legally, dosing them is more accurate and easy to understand. Legally made cannabis edibles go through rigorous testing to ensure the potency of each batch so you can feel confident in the amount of THC and CBD you consume with each experience. 

Of course, the most important thing to consuming edibles is starting low and going slow. Here are some ranges that most people use when determining the proper dosing for edibles. Everyone reacts to cannabis differently, but this may act as a good starting off point. 

1- 2.5 mg of THC

This is a very low dose and is great for first time users or micro-dosers. Health Canada recommends first-time users choose a “product containing 2.5 mg of THC or less or 10% THC (100 mg/g) or less, and an equal or higher amount of CBD.”

2.5 – 15 mg of THC

This level is suggested for more regular users and those looking for stronger effects. Cannabis edibles have a maximum allowance of 10 mg of THC per package, so anything above that would require more than one product. 

15 – 30 mg of THC

Taking this much isn’t a good idea for a novice or occasional user, as it can lead to intense effects that newer cannabis consumers may be uncomfortable with. Users with developed tolerances typically fall within this category.

30 – 50 mg of THC

Again, not for beginners. Taking this much requires a significant THC tolerance and can result in very strong effects. It is five times the amount of cannabis legally allowed in one package of cannabis edible products. 

To avoid overdoing it on edibles, the most important thing is to start slowly and work your way up to the milligram amount you feel comfortable with. As you consume cannabis over a period of time, you will notice your tolerance start to build up. Keep track of your dosing and the effects it has on your body in a journal. This way you’ll be able to refer back and know how certain products effect you. 

Regardless of whether you consider yourself accustomed to cannabis or you’ve never tried it before, cannabis edibles are an effective way to experience the effects of cannabis. Knowing how to dose edibles, how they work, why they work, and how they affect you as an individual, is the best way to ensure you dose properly to have a good experience.

This post is for entertainment and leisurely reading only. It is not to be relied upon as medical information or advice on the consumption of cannabis. The information used is based on anecdotal evidence and may not be applicable to all consumers. When consuming cannabis, it’s always important to start low and go slow. If you have questions about consuming cannabis, please consult the Health Canada document entitled “CONSUMER INFORMATION – CANNABIS.


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