Consuming Cannabis

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cannabis

Even if you like the smell of cannabis, you may not always want it around. Knowing how to get rid of the smell of cannabis can be helpful for when it gets stuck on your sweater, in your hair, on your breath, or even to the couch. Of course, the easiest way to get rid of the smell of cannabis is to just avoid the smoke altogether. If you’re looking to consume cannabis but don’t want the smell, try oils or edibles. They’re a smoke-free alternative.

If smoking is the way you want to go, then you’ll want some tips on how to get rid of the smell of cannabis. Here are a few to get you started.

Off Your Breath or Out Of Your Hair

If you’ve just smoked a joint and realized you have somewhere to be, you probably don’t want the smell of cannabis on your breath or hair. The good news is you can get rid of the smell of cannabis from your breath and hair fairly simply. If it’s your breath you’re worried about, try some strong mouthwash or strong gum. You can also brush your teeth, but gum and mouthwash are the most effective.

To get the smell of cannabis out of your hair, you have a few options. Dry shampoo, or even Febreze if you have some handy, can help deodorize your hair. Of course, washing your hair is the easiest way to go about it, but there’s not always time for that. To help prevent the smell from the beginning, make sure your hair is up in a ponytail or under a hat. This will keep your luscious locks relatively safe.

Off Your Clothes

The best way to get rid of the smell of cannabis from your clothes is generally just washing them. Sometimes you don’t have time for that, though. You should try Febreze (or any other scented spray) if you need an immediate fix. Body sprays or perfumes will also mask the smell for a while.

Ultimately those clothes will smell until you wash them. When you do wash the clothes, add a cup of vinegar and wash at the highest temperature. This will ensure the smell of cannabis leaves your clothes.

Off Your Furniture, Carpet, and Walls

If you smoke a lot at home, you might start to notice a stale, skunky smell even when you’re not smoking. This is caused by the build-up of smoke on your furniture, carpet, and walls. To clean your walls, put together a solution of warm, soapy water with some white vinegar. Apply the solution to your walls using a soft sponge, or cloth. Then make sure you use warm water to rinse the solution off. If your walls are wallpapered, try the solution is a small spot to make sure it won’t ruin the paper.

To get the smell off your carpet, sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit for a couple of days. Use your vacuum to suck up all the baking soda and you should have removed most of the smell. You can also use a carpet cleaner or shampoo if the smell has gotten really bad. When you’re letting the carpet dry out, make sure you open the windows to let it air out and prevent mold.

Your furniture might be a bit harder to clean, depending on the fabric. For most couches, you can use a combination of dishwashing liquid, water, white vinegar, and baking soda. Apply it to the couch with a sponge and let it dry out.

Preventing Smells

The reality is you’re better off preventing the smell of cannabis altogether. Other than just not smoking cannabis (which really, is that even an option?), there are some ways to help prevent the smell of cannabis getting stuck to everything around you:

  • Keep the windows open or blow the smoke out a window
  • Smoke outside
  • Cover the furniture with washable covers
  • Wear your hair back or under a hat
  • Burn incense before smoking so the strong smell won’t be overpowered by cannabis
  • Use air fresheners or scented candles

Before smoking in the apartment you rent or outdoors, make sure you know the laws around consumption.

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