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How to Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party

6 Tips to Throwing Your Own Cannabis Dinner Party

Dinner parties are great, cannabis dinner parties are even better. That being said, it feels a bit strange to think they’re even an option! For almost a century, cannabis consumption was taboo and marginalized from mainstream society, often done in the dark for fear of being judged by the people around you. Now, thanks to legalization, seasoned users and newbies alike can partake in a delicious meal where spirits will go from high to…well, a different high.

Hosting a cannabis dinner party can be a complicated undertaking, though. There’s a lot of responsibility you’re taking on. For example, how do you prevent your guests from getting so high that they can’t get home? And how do your guests know when they’ve had enough?

Before we get into any of those steps though, there’s one thing that cannot be stressed enough: everyone who is attending the party must be of legal age and be aware that the food served will be infused. It’s never safe to have children around cannabis, and it’s up to every individual person to decide if they’re going to consume cannabis!

Whew, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Cannabis dinner parties are growing in popularity as more and more people become comfortable with cannabis consumption. It’s no longer something you have to hide from your parents. Cannabis can be incorporated into tons of different recipes, making it a fun night for you and your friends. According to Michael Morgan, founder and owner of The Green Chef, “there are a lot of newcomers to cannabis that are trying to feel this [experience] out.”

The appeal of a cannabis dinner party is how “normal” the consumption feels. There’s no smoking, no vaping, no capsules to swallow. By infusing cannabis into the foods themselves, you can have a new, exciting experience that still feels high-end (pun intended). Here are some tips for throwing the best cannabis dinner party in town.


1. Safety first

According to Morgan, the first priority when throwing a cannabis dinner party at home is to be aware of who’s attending, what they’ll be consuming, and what their limits might be. Safety always comes first. Always.

“I’m a big advocate for safety and responsible usage,” he stressed. “You don’t want to create a bad experience, so before I serve anything to anybody I’m usually trying to survey the room to understand people with different tolerance levels.”

Also consider sending out some information on cannabis when you invite people over. Helpful links, the timeline, the onset of effects, the potential effects—this stuff may seem like common knowledge to you, but newer consumers could be intimidated by all the unknowns surrounding cannabis.


2. Provide uninfused options

It may feel counterintuitive to make non-infused dishes for a cannabis dinner party, but it could help people feel more comfortable. For some of the less experienced consumers, make the same dishes as everyone else, just with a decreased amount of THC. It’s also a good idea to provide (clearly marked) uninfused options for those who have had too much or don’t want to be intoxicated—like the designated driver, for example. Further, have a conversation with the guests early on to ensure they understand the concept that edibles can take a while to kick in. Education is key to a good time.


3. Pick the right strains

Choosing the right strains is also an important part of the process, as strains anecdotally known to have more sedating effects can leave you with snoozing guests! Also think about the order in which people are eating the foods. Since it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for edibles to kick in, consider serving some more potent appetizers as guests arrive, then serve dishes that are gradually less potent to help avoid over consumption.


4. Think about more than just dinner

Another interesting idea that Morgan suggested is to have activities planned for the guests. It’s a party, after all!

“If people are sitting at the table for the entire duration of the evening, they tend to get sedated,” said Morgan. “Sometimes a quick game of charades or limbo, something to get their body moving and their blood flowing in-between courses.”


5. Make sure your recipes are fatty

If you’re not sure what to cook, there are an endless amount of cannabis-infused recipes on the web for inspiration, including the Indiva website. Be sure that all courses have an element of fat to them, as fat helps increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids so you’re getting the most of your meal!


6. Safety. Again.

Start with safety, end with safety. As the host of a cannabis dinner party, it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests have the ability to get home or have a place to stay. This could mean a designated driver, Uber, taxi, or even an Airbnb within walking distance. Or, be prepared to have an abundance of couch surfers.

“You can’t control what people are going to do, but you still have to lay the ground rules and then hope that people are going to abide by them,” shared Morgan.

And there you have it! Six steps to hosting the perfect cannabis dinner party. Remember, start low, go slow, and make sure everyone consumes responsibly. Bon appetit!


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