Indiva Guide to Cannabis-Infused Chocolate
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Indiva Guide to Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Chocolate is not new. Cannabis is not new. Heck, cannabis-infused chocolate isn’t even all that new. But if you’re talking about the legal market and how cannabis-infused chocolate exists within that, then yes…it’s pretty new. Before cannabis 2.0 products were unveiled, you might have tried your luck making your own cannabis-infused chocolate. Well, more accurately you probably let your neighbour’s friend’s cousin’s co-worker try their hand at it, and you were just a wary guinea pig. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on their shoddy baking or math skills anymore.  

As with anything, there are some things people still don’t understand about cannabis-infused chocolate—and that’s okay! Cannabis education is an important part of breaking down the barriers and stigma of cannabis consumption. Let’s look at some of the basics.  

chocolate being poured into molds

What is cannabis-infused chocolate? 

Just as the name implies, cannabis-infused chocolate is chocolate that’s been infused with cannabis. However, it’s not just a bunch of cannabis leaves cut up and sprinkled in like chocolate chips. Cannabis-infused chocolate uses cannabis distillate, which contains the active compounds of cannabis, THC and CBD. The distillate is added to the chocolate, which is then portioned into proper serving sizes. Of course, things are a little more complicated than that. Creating cannabis distillate is a very intense process, and different producers use different methods. For beginners, all you need to know is that the distillate exists and it gets added to the chocolate recipe.  

How is it different than oils or softgels? 

tray of cannabis capsules

Unlike oils, softgels, or capsules, cannabis-infused chocolate is really meant for an enjoyable consuming experience. Whereas oils, softgels, and capsules are more discreet and transactional (you consume the product, it takes effect, that’s it), cannabis-infused chocolate can provide a cannabis experience that feels more decadent or less stigmatized. Other than that, cannabis-infused chocolate is similar to softgels, oils, and capsules because it’s made to be consumed. 

How is it processed in your body? 

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Cannabis-infused chocolate is processed in your body the same way oil, softgels, or capsules would be. When you ingest cannabis, it needs to travel through your digestive system in order for the cannabinoids to be processed and absorbed into your body. The cannabinoids are absorbed by your gut and liver, which can take a long time. That’s why you probably won’t feel the effects of cannabis-infused chocolate for at least 30 minutes, and in some cases up to two hours.  

Are there limits for what’s included cannabis-infused chocolate? 

When it comes to cannabis-infused chocolate, and really all cannabis-infused edibles, Health Canada has imposed a limit of 10 mg of THC per package. Whether there are ten 1 mg pieces in a package, two 5 mg pieces, one 10 mg piece, it doesn’t matter. The limit of THC is 10 mg. Currently there is no limit on how much CBD can be in each package.  

chart from health canada

There are also limits as to what ingredients you can, or more specifically cannot, include in cannabis-infused chocolate. Vitamins, minerals, nicotine, and alcohol are all prohibited from being added to cannabis edibles. There are also limits on how much caffeine can be included.  

What is the equivalency of cannabis-infused chocolate to dried flower? 

Of course, you’ll want to stay within your legal carry limit. But how does cannabis-infused chocolate compare to dried flower? The law states you can carry up to 30 g of dried cannabis or the equivalent in non-dried products. Luckily, the government laid out the equivalency factor for each new type of product. According to the government’s rules, 1 g of dried cannabis is equal to 15 g of edible product. So take whatever number of grams are in the package and divide it by 15, and you’ll know how much dried flower your product is equivalent to. It’s important to remember that the equivalency factor is NOT about the amount of THC or CBD in a product. It’s strictly about the weight.  

What are the kinds Indiva offers? 

Bhang THC Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate bars with package behind them

So glad you asked. Indiva offers Bhang ® Chocolate, which is for chocolate (and cannabis) lovers who crave a high-quality edible with a cannabis-free taste, and verified potencies that provide a premium experience. Bhang ® Chocolate is made using sustainably sourced cacao by a European-trained chocolatier. Unlike competitors in the space, Bhang® tastes like chocolate—not cannabis—for a premium experience. Bhang ® Chocolate is available in a variety of flavours, such as: 

  • THC Milk Chocolate 
  • THC Dark Chocolate
  • CBD Milk Chocolate
  • Caramel Dark Chocolate THC/CBD 1:1 


You can also find Legend chocolate, which features chocolate from fourth-generation, Alberta-based master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut. Legend is available in both milk and dark varieties. 

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