What Strains of Marijuana are Among The Best?

Some of the most common questions I get about cannabis revolve around the topic of strains.

I am lucky that most strains will work for the medical issues I need them to work for, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have favourites or ones that I feel work better for certain issues and symptoms. I also love to explore different stains for the pure fun and delight of it.

The cannabis plant is a beautiful and fascinating one that has seemingly endless applications, and noting the different strains I consume and their specific subtle effects have really made that even more noticeable.

If you are new to cannabis and have never given much thought to different strains, it’s a smart idea to take notes of the ones you use and their effect on you. There are even cannabis journals you can buy to help.

Here are some of the strains I have noted over the years and why I liked them, but please note, not all my experiences will be exactly like yours because there are many factors are at play (growing conditions, seeds, region, we all have a personal and unique cannabinoid system etc.) but listening to others’ experiences can be a great start.

For compilations of thousands of reviews from users all over North America, you can visit Leafly.ca.

Blue Dream

I think Blue Dream is a great ‘starter strain’ because I find it calming, mellow and euphoric. It also tastes great with a fruity, light and kind of sweet flavour.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California. It really helps calm my stomach in the day without making me too sleepy, which is what I am most looking for in my cannabis strains.

Pink Kush

As someone who has smoked for years and needs to medicate every day, I have built up quite a tolerance to cannabis and so I like strong weed. Pink Kush is definitely that.

I especially love an earthy, dank Pink Kush joint before bed, it’s great for relaxing the mind and body so you can fall asleep, and I have personally found it helpful in keeping me asleep.

Black Tuna

I just tried Black Tuna for the first time this summer and I loved it. Its strong as well, but unlike Pink Kush, it didn’t make me want to fall asleep.

Black Tuna increased my appetite (which is really important to me) and kept me going on a long work day. Eventually, when I did fall asleep, it was one of the best I have ever had (but it may have been the long work day).

A rarer BC strain, Black Tuna is a cross between Herijuana and Lamb’s Bread and tasted really pungent, exactly how you would expect pot to taste.

Green Crack

Just yesterday a friend texted me from California and asked if I had ever tried Green Crack. I replied that everyone has tried Green Crack, but what an unfortunate name.

I absolutely hate the name Green Crack for its obvious comparison to the highly addictive free-base version of cocaine, which I feel mocks and makes light of a serious issue, but it is an undeniably good strain. It is good for uplifting my spirits and taking the edge off without a super heavy feel. It has got a danky, kush taste but it is also citrusy and light and doesn’t knock me out.

Northern Lights

Another earthy and pungent strain, Northern Lights has been one of my favorites for years. An Indica that I have used for pain relief as well as being social with friends it is usually a very pretty nug with lots of trichomes. Tasting kind of spicy, Northern Lights is one of the most well-known strains of all time and sometimes has a purple hue.

Chocolate Kush

When I was visiting Seattle, I was lucky enough to grab some TJ’s Garden Chocolate Kush and it was a highlight of the trip.

First off, it was gorgeous. It looked exactly what I want my weed to look like, olive green, sugary, and dense but soft. It’s hard to explain exactly, but you probably know what I mean.

The smell was like the richest soil mixed with the richest wine. It was kind of spicy to the taste and it made me feel relaxed, happy and chill. I cannot wait to go back to Seattle, I loved the city, but this Chocolate Kush is a big reason why.

Sarah Hanlon is a communications and culture grad from the University of Calgary with a minor in Women’s Studies. After completing a semester abroad at the University of New Orleans where she studied the culture of the city and its jazz scene, Sarah moved to Toronto to try to break into the media world, and in 2015, she won Big Brother Canada.

Since then, Sarah has hosted and appeared on a number of Canadian shows and outlets including Slice, Global Morning, ET Canada, and CHCH Hamilton. She currently works as a brand ambassador for Leafly Canada. Sarah lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her dogs Annie and Sally and her partner Scott.

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