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7 Cannabis Shop Etiquette Tips For A Smooth Experience

Cannabis retail etiquette. It’s absolutely a thing, and it’s something you should know about! Cannabis retail etiquette basically refers to how you act inside a cannabis retail store. The reality is, for the most part, cannabis retail stores are just like any other retailer.

That being said, there are a few things that make your cannabis retail experience a little different than a normal retail shopping experience. We’ve compiled some basic cannabis retail etiquette that you should keep in mind next time you head over to shop.

Have your ID ready

The first thing you’ll experience at any cannabis retailer is having your ID checked. It’s mandatory that everyone have their age checked before entering the store, so it’s helpful to have your card ready. This is especially true if you’ve had to wait in a line to get in, or the store seems particularly busy. Have your ID ready to go before you get up to the door. It’s a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Have a plan

Wandering around the store when it’s empty is fine, but if there are a lot of people at the store or it seems to be a bit of a rush hour, make sure you have a plan going into it. Your plan could be as simple as “ask a budtender what they recommend.” When you set foot in a cannabis store, you’re likely going to be overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time. Having a plan can help both you and the store employees streamline your shopping experience and make things a lot less stressful.

Be patient

Cannabis stores are still finding their groove. New stores are opening up every week, which means the odds of you heading into a cannabis store that’s only been open a short while are pretty high. Be patient as everyone figures out the process of cannabis shopping. This goes for fellow shoppers as well as employees. Don’t make comments about someone asking too many questions or taking too long with a budtender you want to speak to. Don’t make comments about service being slow or the store being hard to navigate. Everyone is figuring this out at the same time, so just be patient as things start to settle.

Don’t haggle

Cannabis prices are government-mandated and not up for debate. Whether you like it or not, the price is the price. Don’t ask for a discount because you heard the product is just so-so, or because you’re a repeat customer and think you deserve a reward for that. Check the price before you hit the register, and if you think it’s too expensive, then don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t be a weed snob

Whether you’re talking to a budtender or chatting with another customer in the store, don’t be a weed snob. Even if you know a lot about the landscape, opinions on cannabis are different. Obviously, you can have your own opinions on products and strains, but don’t tell someone they’re wrong in their opinion. Have a conversation! Learn about their recommendations! Tell them your opinion! But do it in a respectful way that doesn’t dismiss what they’ve said. Even if a budtender recommends a product to you that you’ve tried before in the past and not enjoyed, thank them for the suggestion and move on to something else. You’re not going to win any friends by being a snob.

Be upfront

There’s nothing wrong with being a new cannabis consumer. Everyone was a newbie at one point. Be upfront with the budtender about your experience level. This can help them pinpoint products that might work better for you and let them know

Just…be polite

Maybe the store doesn’t have a product you want. Maybe they don’t carry a brand you love. Maybe they’re out of stock on what you specifically came in for. Maybe you even had to wait a little bit longer for service because the store is understaffed. None of this is the fault of the employee. Just like any other retailer, odds are the people actually working in the store don’t control a lot of the issues you’re experiencing. If you really want to get in touch with someone who can make a change, ask the budtender if there’s a number you can call. Be polite to everyone in the store (employees AND customers) and things should go just fine.

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