The Faces of INDIVA – Serena Moro, Event Specialist

The Faces of INDIVA – Serena Moro, Event Specialist

Serena has always had exposure to cannabis, but her knowledge and enthusiasm for this magical plant has increased ten-fold since she began working with Indiva.

She’s thrilled to have become a part of this dynamic industry and feels privileged every day to be working alongside all the great people associated with both the company and cannabis as a whole. Her experiences using a combination of CBD/THC products has opened her eyes to the possibilities of cannabis and galvanized her work to help further the industry. For Serena, it’s all about spreading the knowledge that will teach people about how cannabis can help them.

Serena was raised in the beautiful countryside of Poplar Hill, which is located northwest of London, ON. Her parents are salt-of-the-earth people and it’s because of them that Serena is who she is today. She’s very close with her family, including her older sister and her niece and nephew whom she’s very proud of. When asked if she has any pets, Serena’s eyes light up and she exclaims “Oh yes! All adopted rescues.” It’s a busy household to say the least, as her dog Dakota, a Rottie-Lab mix who weighs in at 120 lbs, competes for Serena’s attention with her two cats, Atticus and Scout.

Growing up, Serena’s role models were her folks and her grandmother. Their hard-working, fun, honest, genuine, caring, and respectful nature is imprinted on Serena, helping her strive to better herself as well as the world around her every day. For Serena, it’s all about being a good person each and every moment of the day; always choosing to act, speak and treat others with integrity.

“It’s a choice…always a choice, as to how we act, how we speak and how we treat others. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.”

Serena’s career path has been diverse, allowing her to pick up a lot of knowledge along the way and meet some wonderful people that she still calls friends to this day. When she was headhunted by Indiva, Serena took a chance, said yes to the career, and now has absolutely no regrets about her decision.

While her official role is Event Specialist, she’s been able to wear many hats throughout her work. All the various aspects of any events Indiva attends fall squarely on her shoulders. Things like the awesome VW van, the booth displays, the promo swag and even the staff who attend are all planned and orchestrated by Serena. Her attention to detail, great interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate concisely, help Serena provide an enjoyable and successful experience for everyone involved.

Aside from events, Serena also assists with communications (both internal and external). This involves disseminating press releases, following up with folks met at conferences, and distributing info about new products or anything pertaining to Indiva.

Serena is a people person and a communicator at heart, so she thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her job and it helps that the Indiva team has become her family away from home. At the end of every day, she’s glad to be making a difference in the industry.

“I feel fortunate to work closely with our CEO, Niel Marotta, who has been an exceptional leader and a mentor. I appreciate Niel’s work ethic and the way he interacts with me and all Indiva employees,” she said. “His focus and clarity of vision is impressive. This is also true for our entire C-Suite: from our CFO, VP Communications, Chief Brand Officer, HR, etc., I feel lucky to work with such a great team of talented, forward-thinking, caring managers and colleagues.”

When she’s not at work, Serena enjoys gardening, landscaping, photography, taking trips and volunteering. She loves to be out in nature and takes advantage of all the beauty surrounding the place she calls home. You might find Serena out exploring with her pets or relaxing on her deck listening to the water flowing in her pond, or off on a day trip to one of her favourite quaint, quiet, lovely towns like Bayfield or Goderich in Huron county. When the weather makes the indoors a nicer place to be, Serena likes to kick back listening to her favourite singer, Elvis. Fun fact:  Serena has been to Graceland TWICE!

Looking to the future, Serena is tremendously excited to see how cannabis will change over the next few months and years. In terms of the cannabis industry, she’s most looking forward to being able to offer derivative product options to both medical and recreational users and is excited to delve into cannabis for pets. Also exciting is how fast the whole industry is growing, which includes scientific research and the ability to help so many people around the world with so many ailments.

“It’s such a great thing. I am happy for people who can finally access this lovely, powerful plant that has been disavowed for far too long. But no looking back…only forward. Exciting times ahead.”

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