Cannabis Oil Drops
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Our High-Quality Cannabis

From our state-of-the-art growing facility to our client care, our cannabis products are carefully crafted, cultivated and harvested by our experienced grow team.

We’re particular and precise about our cannabis cultivation and processes so we can give our clients the absolute highest quality cannabis products.

We will offer an array of high-quality cannabis products as a result from our refined cultivation process and specially-selected strains of sativas, indicas, hybrids and high CBD-strains. Whatever your preferred method of cannabis consumption may be, we will have a product for you with an innovative twist.

We will soon offer dried cannabis flowers and oils for medical use. In the future and once legal, we will have innovative cannabis edibles products and vapourizers for the recreation adult-use market.

02 DRY Flowers

Dried Cannabis Flowers

Dried cannabis flowers are the most popular way to consume cannabis due to its versatility and fast-acting effects. Our cannabis flowers will be available in a variety of different strains for treating specific medical conditions, achieving a desired mood or effect.

Dried Cannabis Flowers
03 Oils & EXTRACTS

Cannabis Oils and Extracts

We will extract our high-quality cannabis plants to produce high-quality cannabis oils and extracts for our clients.

Cannabis Oils and Extracts
04 Edibles

INDIVA’s Unique Cannabis Edibles

We have a unique take and offering of edibles and are going to provide innovative marijuana edibles once Canadian laws allow us to do so. Cannabis, either CBD or THC strains, can be used to make various baked goods, drinks, or salad dressings.

INDIVA’s Unique Cannabis Edibles

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