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INDIVA™ is proud to be the exclusive producer and distributor of Sugar-Coated Pearls by Grön, a sweet way to explore cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD. Sugar-Coated Pearls have a diverse portfolio of cannabinoid ratios, offering seven unique ratios featuring CBG, CBN, CBD and THC.

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Artisan Batch is all about giving local growers a national platform. The country’s best craft cannabis and microgrowers are featured in a rotating series of unique strains, all of which have exceptional genetics. We scoured Canada to find craft cannabis, grown by the country's best craft cannabis and microgrowers, giving Canadians access to premium, classic strains of cannabis from the legacy market.

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Indiva is the exclusive Canadian producer of award winners Bhang® Chocolate, Wana™ Sour Gummies, Wana Quick Gummies, Jewels™ Cannabis Tarts, and the newest edible sweeping Canadian consumers off their feet: Sugar-Coated Pearls by Grön, now available in seven different flavours and formulations.

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Indiva’s commitment to high-quality cannabis products extends to oil-based products for the non-smoking consumer. INDIVA™ capsules are designed for easy ingestion and filled with high-quality cannabis oil and pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil. Now available in three new varieties: CBN/CBD, CBN/THC, and CBG/THC.

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Product packaging shown here may differ from what is sold online and in stores.
*Source: Hifyre 2020 and OCS data

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