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How Discreet Is It To Vape Your Cannabis?

While the legalization of recreational cannabis is imminent in Canada, most users accept the fact that the end of prohibition isn’t a green light to spark up just anywhere. Recreational tokers and patients alike will need to abide by the laws around cannabis use, and where to consume in public.

Moreover, if one’s goal is to enjoy cannabis but not get the “stink-eye” from passers by who don’t agree with your lifestyle choices, then discretion is key.

In comes the rising popularity of vaporizers.

Vaping and Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis users have been turning to vaping so much that it is now one of the most common cannabis consumption methods, with use growing across all demographics.

Vaping is usually chosen by people who do not want to burn (combust) the cannabis flower, allowing the user to inhale only the heated vapors from the cannabinoids and terpenes, rather than flower by-products.

For those who prefer not to vape dry herb, more users are turning to vaping cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax and cannabis oils. Full disclosure: some of these products (like shatter and wax) are still not legal in Canada. Regardless, vaporizing is a quick, convenient, and discreet consumption method that allows cannabis use without the hassle, mess, or stigma sometimes still associated with pot.

But, is it really OK to just vape anywhere?

Blending In with e-Cigarette Users

The rise of e-cigarettes has led the way, both unfortunately and fortunately, for cannabis users to get away with public consumption of their medicine more easily. e-Cigarettes are not something promoted by the cannabis community due to the addictive properties of nicotine and still unknown health effects. Nevertheless, the practice has blurred the lines of public use.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people vaping and oftentimes there’s really no way to know what’s exactly in that device.

Discreet Incognito Design

Gone are the days of clunky heaters, difficult to clean chambers, and buildups of sticky resin in vaporizers. Small and sleek is what vaporizer designers are going for now.

Many vaporizers contain similar elements: a cartridge or well-placed chamber, a battery pack, a heating device, and an activation button, which are designed for easy and convenient use.

Ensuring the Ultimate Discretion in Your Vaping

Is vaping the most discreet cannabis consumption method? Not really.

Patients can order cannabis oil and then mix it with food, and there’s nothing more discreet than edibles or drinkables. But not everyone wants to become a cannabis chef just to ingest their medicine. That is why different vaporizers will continue to hit the market which will be designed to bring discretion to new heights.

If you’re interested in trying cannabis vaping, look for a vaporizer that fits you, your style and consumption habits.

For ultimate discretion in use, find a vaporizer that has a quicker heating time when activated. Ultimate convenience lies in the way you can load and reload your cartridge or chamber, as well as charge the battery of your vaporizer for ultimate portability.

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